Cultural Expeditions is a boutique tour agency founded in 1999 by Elvi Bjorkquist, an artist with deep ties to Peru, and a passionate interest in the arts, archaeology, and the historical and social influences on indigenous cultures.

Elvi Bjorkquist

Elvi has a BFA in art and art history and two Master's Degrees in Religion and Art History. Her specialty is the Pre-Colombian Peruvian cultures and the early Spanish Colonial contact period. An experienced traveler, she has lived abroad and also explored 29 countries over the years. After traveling to Peru and other Latin American countries, Elvi founded Cultural Expeditions so that others could experience the archaeological and cultural wonders that so touched her soul in Peru.

Wilbert Yañez

Wilbert, partner in Peru, is proficient in his native language of Spanish, as well as English and French. He is a licensed expedition leader and past president of the Official Guides of Tourism Association in Cusco. In 2007 he was awarded best tour guide in Peru by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism. Wilbert has Bachelor's and Masters Degrees in Tourism from the National University of San Antonio de Abad, Cusco, Peru, including studies in history, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, art and folklore, along with instruction in the travel business. His passion for history combined with thirty years of experience in tour leadership and his scholarly knowledge gives him the ability to make history come alive. He has traveled extensively in many places around the world, motivated by his interest in archaeology and world history.

Our Mission

• To provide clients with an in-country experience that helps them see, feel, know, and understand Peru - its archaeological significance, its culture, and its mystical power.

• To tailor tours to our clients' interests, whether site-specific and/or interest-related, so that their expeditions to Peru will engage them with locals who share their interests and, through sharing knowledge, will build cultural bridges.


Cultural Expeditions Peru offers:

Customized group tours to Peru.

Providing travel to Peru's Spanish and Andean history, archaeology, arts and culture.

Travel packages that promote sustainable travel to areas that conserve the environment, respecting and benefiting local people.

Travel vacations tailored to your interests with expert, scholarly knowledgeable trip leadership.


Our Philosophy

Cultural Expeditions is committed to sustainable travel, with respect for the environment, community resources, and local people.

We believe a traveler's experience is enhanced by proper site interpretation. Providing accurate information is a critical component of an authentic experience. Cultural Expeditions is committed to engaging only the most knowledgeable guides and providing supplementary materials and opportunities for deeper exploration.


Cultural Expeditions works with local Peruvian providers such as guides and hotel operators who share our philosophy of giving our clients the highest quality experience while respecting local communities and the environment.

Our Peruvian guides have comprehensive knowledge of their destinations and a passion for sharing it. They also are experts in logistics and handle all the details of travel, such as transportation, lodging, meals, and shopping. Our guides take care of you from the time you arrive to the time you leave. They also provide insights into the host destination so that visitors can feel comfortable interacting in the community.

Cultural Expeditions Peru offers:

• Customized tours to Peru highlighting Peru's Spanish and Andean history, archaeology, arts and culture.

• Travel packages that promote sustainable travel to areas that conserve the environment, respecting and benefiting local people.

• Peruvian vacations tailored to your interests with expert, knowledgeable trip leadership.


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Elvi was great. She helped make our trip to Peru extraordinary and an
adventure we'll never forget. She was thorough in her planning, going above
and beyond for us. She has incredible insights into the ins and outs of our
destinations as well as into the culture. Our guide was incredible as well,
a very kind and richly generous man who we consider our personal friend and look forward to future encounters. We would recommend Elvi to anyone wanting to travel without worry and receive an experience of a lifetime.


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