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"Our entire group agreed...The trip was fantastic!!  It was indeed a trip of a lifetime... Just as you promised, it was an incredible journey and experience."

Karen, Atlanta

"The trek through Ausangate was a life changing experience. Truly spectacular views, getting to see how the natives live, and trekking to a new lodge each night was fascinating. The food was incredible, cooked by the indigenious people.

Also, the tour through Cusco was very interesting. The history of the Peruvian culture, the architecture and meeting some of the locals opened my mind up to how they live in South America. Truly a great experience!"

Julie R, Denver

Organize a tour


Cultural Expeditions offers groups or organizations the opportunity to create tours custom designed to your special interests.  For example, a group may be interested in orchids and birding, alpaca farms, textiles, pre-Columbian arts, music, trekking, cuisine, or archaeology.  We work with you to tailor an itinerary that takes your group to spectacular places guided by knowledgeable tour leaders.  We also introduce you to in-country experts for unique and in-depth experiences related to your specific area of interest.


Our extensive network of Peruvian contacts allows us to tailor tours to the interests of a wide array of organizations and groups.


Not only will your group benefit from a focused trip, you can also.


Benefits of organizing a tour


•  You may receive your tour costs free.  For every 15 travelers, the organizer will have his or her land costs waived (hotels, tour guiding, entrance fees, some meals).


•  You can personally select your destinations and activities based on the special interests of your group.


•  Your group can help plan the itinerary for maximum enjoyment.


•  On the tour you can relax and enjoy the trip as you will be in the capable hands of our experienced tour guides.


•   A custom-designed group tour will strengthen loyalty to your group or organization through shared experiences and unforgettable moments. Thus, increasing membership and maintaining retention in your group.


Your responsibilities


With a few simple steps, you can organize a tour to Peru that you and your group will remember forever.


First we suggest you talk to a few people in your group who like to travel to gauge their interest and who will agree to help you promote it.


Contact us to talk about your interests and to discuss destinations and activities.


Form a small committee of two to four people to select the length of the trip, the dates and the destinations, and to help promote the tour.


Finalize the tour schedule with Cultural Expeditions.


Cultural Expeditions will supply you with a PDF flier that you can print, distribute, and attach to emails to promote the trip and sign up members.


Develop a promotion schedule – identify all the places you can put information about the tour – on your website, in your newsletter.  Mention it at all meetings.  You might even hold an informational session to generate enthusiasm for your tour to one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the world, Peru!


Please visit our Tour page for ideas and see About Peru for additional information about the unique cultural heritage of Peru.  Also, contact us for ideas about places to go and things to see so we can talk to you about the unique experiences we can tailor for your group.


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