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The spectacular destinations of Peru are indescribable with their historical heritage still intact. With its magical natural wonders-its vibrant indigenous rituals to mother earth, its 2,000 year old textiles and pottery and its massive, mystical archtectural sites-Peru evokes a travelers' passions.

Peru has 80% of the ecosystems of the world with the largest number of birds and orchids on the planet. Peru is home to over 3,000 kilometers of coastal shores; impressive High Andean Mountains, the world’s highest navigable lake (Titicaca) and immense virgin Amazon Forests.

Southern Peru

Arequipa, (Colca Canyon)

Cusco, (Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley)

Ica, (Ballestas Islands, Nazca lines, Paracas)

Puerto Maldonado, (Amazon)

Puno, (Lake Titicaca)

A few of the lesser-known locations

Caral is the oldest civilization in the Americas, having
developed almost simultaneously with the civilizations of
Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China. The inhabitants of
Peru were ahead of those of Mesoamerica, the other
center of civilization (of the six recognized worldwide) by
at least 1,500 years. The ancient pyramids of Caral predate the
Inca civilization by 4000 years, but were flourishing a century before the pyramids of Giza.

The “Camino del Apu Ausangate” provides a unique trekking experience, off the beaten path, in the Cordillera Vilcanota, a remote and unspoiled high mountain paradise in the Andes of the Cusco area. Your luggage is packed by llamas. It offers a rare opportunity to enjoy a few days in harmony with nature and its isolated Andean shepherds, musicians and weavers combined with the comfort of cozy and eco-friendly Andean Lodges and a tasty selection of Peruvian cuisine. And by the way it is a great place to go fly fishing.

This is a unique opportunity to share with the local people of the Apu Ausangate, one of the few populations left on the planet that still subsists as a herding community relying upon their llamas and alpacas.

Experience a memorable outdoors trek and share in an ancestral culture, and contribute to the improvement of the local living conditions while enjoying breathtaking vistas in the comfort of eco-friendly lodges.

Choquequirao is located next to the right margin of the Apurimac River and next to the peak of Coriwayrachina. Choquequirao was probably built at the ends of the fifteenth century or beginnings of the sixteenth. This important Inca city was built because of political, social, and economical reasons. Choquequirao has temples, houses for the commons and the royalty, storages, fountains, water channels, and Inca terraces for agriculture. In the area the biodiversity of flora and fauna are incomparable. The access to Choquequirao is hard to get to, but it is definitely well worth it.

Southern Valley of Cusco

Huacarpay Lake:
A large and tranquil lake. It has reed and flood areas which are surrounded by green hills with Inca terraces and a variety of vegetation including cactus. Its diverse species of birds find a home in its blue-green waters. In a boat one may observe these numerous avian species and plant life around the lake.

Is known as the land of the healers, this ancient pueblo is only 13 km from Cusco where many of the Andean sages can be found, the Shamans are suppose to be able to communicate with the all powerful, ´´Apus´´, or Mountain Gods. Their religion is a mix of traditional Christian faith while calling on the power of mother earth. You may have your future read with the coca leaves and take part in an Andean ceremony to give offerings to Pacha Mama, Mother Earth.

Church of Andahuaylillas:
San Pedro de Andahuaylillas considered the "Sistine Chapel" of America due to the quality of its art pieces. Built at the beginning of VII century, the interior of the temple is decorated with murals performed by Luis Riaño an indigenous artist. It holds a never seen before collection of the Cusco School of Art painted in the VII century and a painting of the "Virgen de la Asuncion" made by the Spanish painter Esteban Murillo.

Sacred Valley communities

A small community that is located19 km from Ollantaytambo and has retained their traditional customs. The Willoc are excellent weavers known for their colourful red clothing. The people are friendly and hospitable. This is an ideal place to visit and discover more about the rural village life of indigenous Peruvians. Local families put visitors up, and they learn ancestral farming techniques and participate in farming activities, irrigation and salt collection, as well as in parties, hiking and Andean rituals.

Another friendly community which is a perfect place to consider having a home-stay for the evening! Here you can help the family with their daily chores and learn more about their weaving and the Andean lifestyle and culture. There is also an archaeological complex named Choquecancha with its agricultural terraces, thatched roof dwellings and stone corrals that hold many animals.

Is a beautiful landscape located on the Vilcanota River and overlooked by the majestic mountain ranges Huayllabamba. You will find ancient Inca Palaces and an exceptional micro climate for growing the famous huge kernelled corn. You can help with the farming and fishing, or take a ride on horseback through this beautiful area.

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Northern Peru



Chiclayo, (Lambayeque, Sipan)


Lima, (Caral)

Trujillo, (Chan Chan)

Amazon Iquitos

Ecuador, Galapagos Islands

Follow our link to the map of Peru and the many locations and areas of Peru to include on your tour.

Map of Peru

"The trip was fantastic!!  It was indeed a trip of a lifetime.  All of our guides were waiting for us at the airport and we enjoyed and appreciated each one, along with our drivers.  They also escorted us on our return trips to the airport…it was wonderful.  We especially enjoyed our Cusco/Machu Picchu guide, as we spent the most time with him.  He was absolutely the best guide in the whole world!  He thoroughly took care of us and every detail…even the weather.  We all love him and miss him!!!  And of course, we miss all our friends we met on the street.  Just as you promised, it was an incredible journey and experience.
Thank you so very much.
Best regards,


The trek through Ausangate was a life changing experience. Truly spectacular views, getting to see how the natives live, and trekking to a new lodge each night was fascinating. The food was incredible, cooked by the indigenious people.

Also, the tour through Cusco was very interesting. The history of the Peruvian culture, the architecture and meeting some of the locals opened my mind up to how they live in South America. Truly a great experience!

Julie R






One Ausangate Lodge

Ausangate Trekking

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